No greenwashing - it looks good on you


According to a report by the European Comission , 42% of companies exaggerate their sustainability claims.

We humans are causing the greenwashing crisis.

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definition, cambridge dictionary

Behaviour or activities that make people believe that a company is doing more to protect the environment than it really is.

Where does it come from?

You may be wondering what may be the causes for this strange phenomenon.

Here are some underlying causes for greenwashing



You will be surprised to learn that greenwashing is everywhere! Here are the most commonly used techniques in greenwashing.


Many companies have been discovered to contribute to greenwashing and have been in the news recently as a result. Here you may find here a number of stories involving greeenwashing 


What kinds of tangible solutions we can implement to put an end to greenwashing? A FAQ section has been set up for that purpose.

What Experts say

I’m worried about greenwashing. I think we should come down on it very, very hard, whether it’s with criminal intent or actively deceptive.

Given the significant business opportunities and risks in the transition to a sustainable economy, this is no time for greenwash, complacency or 'basic compliance' approaches. Business is expected to lead.



Contrary to their claims, most plastic bottle producers don't recycle their products as only 31% do so.


No greenwashing - it looks good on you

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