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As a branch of the NGO GreenPeas,  an international organization devoted to preserving peace, endangered species of animals, preventing environmental abuses, etc., we wanted to create an entire website dedicated to greenwashing  with the goal of raising awareness about this unethical practice.

During our missions with GreenPeas, we have often been exposed to greenwashing as well as the lack of knowledge of the public has about this phenomenon. Greenwasher is therefore a project very important to us because we believe that consumers deserve to know the truth, which in turn will allow them to become more aware of their actions and their impact.

Under the guidance of the GreenPeas’ director, we are two project managers in charge of running this website with the help of a webmaster.


We are campaigning for a more honest world

We can no longer be decieved.

We want more transparency from our brands and we believe  we can achieve that goal with your help. The more educated we become about greenwashing, the better we are in avoiding it.

What do
members say

A few words from our team

Let's learn how to become more concscious about the environment. Together, we can build a better world!
Hajar Ait fora
We got 99 problems but the end of greenwashing shall not be one!
Madioula Dikhaby

" We want to reclaim and give a new definition to the word 'greenwasher'. "

Let's not be fooled by brands that lie to us by making us believe that they support the environment.
Let's fight against greenwashing!
Leah Mallandaine
I'm excited to dedicate an entire website to greenwashing on GreenPeas' behalf with this wonderful team.
Pascal Norberh


No greenwashing - it looks good on you

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