The origins

Where does greenwashing come from?

There has been a noticeable shift in today’s society, where most people have become increasingly preoccupied by their impact on the environment. As a result, consumers have been changing their habits in order to align them with their newly acquired convictions. greenwashing

For instance, as the 2018 Edelman Earned Brand study shows, in 36 countries, the demand of societal commitment of the brands has intensified:

“[…] now about 2/3 (64%) of consumers buy brands depending on their values (+13 points in comparison to 2017). consumers who are motivated by their beliefs and interested in some matters will pick, change, or avoid a brand Based on the stand they can have regarding political or social matters.”*

*extract translated from The Conversation,’ Pour les marques, Black Lives Matter… vraiment ?’, 8 Jul. 2020

However, brands have taken notice of this change of behavior and decided to take advantage of it. Unfortunately, fraudulent marketing strategies have become the norm for most companies, deceiving thus their consumers into believing they are buying eco friendly items. It is what has been known as greenwashing and our organization is actively engaged in fighting against it.


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